This is Halloween!

This is Halloween!
Welcome to Halloween at GamePoint, full of surprises and spooks! No need to dress up, we'll be providing lots of treats for you starting now and all the way to Halloween!

We have special limited-time Halloween treats for you:
• Trick or Treat! Come back every day to collect a delicious treat simply by playing any game. Each treat will improve your chance to win at the Spooktacular Giveaway we have planned for you on October 31 at 3PM ET!
• Bingo in the Dark is back! Play an extra challenging Bingo mode with the lights off.
• On Friday and Saturday, you're invited to a spooky Bingo Star Party! Join us in the special 66 and 666 Coin rooms to collect special collections and claim fantastic rewards!
• Spook up your Bingo cards with special Halloween daubers!
• Collect a brand new, terrifying RoyalDice Cup during this event and scare your opponents by showing it off!
• Join special Halloween Tournaments in RoyalDice every day for great rewards!

But the best is the grand finale of Halloween! Each treat you collected this week will increase your chances to win during the Spooktacular Giveaway at 3PM ET, but you need to be online, too. Are you brave enough to join?

Play GamePoint Bingo now!

TeresaCox1 -
Luv this game.My favorite of all,
TeresaCox1 -
I have never won anything.This makes your games exciting,but i never get far enough ahead to play anthing more tha the 10 coin room.
DebbieJ174 -
great game this one
MarcelPerron1 -
je veux jouer au bingo en francais
LynnLap -
queenb224 -
The bingo game is fun, but giveaways in the middle of the day when people work isn't fair. If a perosn qualifys, then why should they have to be online to win ? Re-think your give aways !
AidaGP -
Hi queenb224! We have players all around the world so there's never one perfect time for everyone. We do try to alternate giveaway times, for example when we had the Labor Day giveaway which was in the evening for some and the middle of the night for others.

And I won't say anything to your boss but, you coooould have the GamePoint Bingo app open on your phone and just have it running while in your pocket. That way you're teeeechnically online but still focused at work