Happy Independence Day!

We're sure our American players are looking forward to the 4th of July, and we are too! Come play this weekend for a stars and stripes experience!

Friday, we’re kicking off the celebrations with FREE COINS every hour! GamePoint Bingo players can also take advantage of Extra SuperBingos!
Saturday, log in every hour for a chance to win a prize! There will also be Extra SuperBingos for you GamePoint SuperBingo players!
Sunday we’re hosting a very special GIVEAWAY! Join us online at 4PM ET for a chance to WIN BIG!

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Keep your browsers up to date

Keeping your browser up to date is important for both security and ensuring you have the best experience while playing our games. That's why we have a special notice for those out there using Internet Explorer or older versions of Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer is a browser developed by Microsoft and this particular browser is being discontinued. It's replacement is Microsoft Edge and therefore the support for Internet Explorer has stopped. Microsoft and GamePoint strongly encourage everyone who still uses Internet Explorer or an older version of Microsoft Edge to update to a newer browser.

To make things easier for you, we set up an installation page where you can choose and install a fresh browser yourself.

Check out the page here and update your browser with a few simple clicks. If you need any assistance, our Customer Support team is happy to help.

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Double Max Bet NOW!

Are you a GamePoint Slots or GamePoint Casino Fan? Then we have an amazing surprise for you! For a limited time ONLY there's Double Max Bet in our slots game! Remember: The more you bet = The more you get!

Play GamePoint Casino now!

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Ready, set, go!

Starting now you can earn amazing Coin rewards by participating in the Candy Race. GamePoint will be giving you lots of sweet Candy to help you progress toward amazing rewards. Every game you play also helps you progress in the Candy Race.

Play now to earn that sweet Candy and get amazing rewards!

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Happy National Bingo Day!

Get your Daubers ready, because today is National Bingo Day!

Did you know that Bingo was once called BEANO, because players marked their cards with beans? Someone accidentally shouted BINGO one time, and the rest, as they say, is history. Celebrate your favorite game in style with GamePoint Bingo, and come back every hour, on the hour, for a chance to win FREE Bingo Cards!

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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Congrats Winners!

Who doesn’t love to win a special prize? We certainly do! Giving away prizes to our beloved players is one of our favorite things to do. WE had a lot of fun and hope you did too.

Once again, we want to congratulate all the winners! Don’t forget to send us your shipping information, so that we can send your prize to you as soon as possible.

No luck this time? No worries, we do these things regularly and maybe you’ll be a lucky winner next time!

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Exclusive Interview!

Do you want to know more about your fellow GamePoint players? This is your chance! We’re not only doing exclusive interviews with our employees, but we also want to get to know our players better! This is why we will do these interviews regularly.

Today we spoke with BelindaDB

#1 What’s your name and how long have you been playing on GamePoint?

My name is Belinda and I’ve been playing since 2004.

#2 What’s your favorite GamePoint game?

That used to be Pool, but now it’s GamePoint Bingo.

#3 What are your hobbies besides GamePoint?

Playing video games, riding my motorcycle, and spending time with my pets. I have 4 cats and two dogs.

#4 If you were a movie character, who’d you be and why?

Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) in Miss Congeniality. A beautiful power woman. I loved her, a goofball turning into a power woman. I’m more of a horror freak, but I’d like to be like her.

#5 Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I’m a case of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. It means that I’m softer than I look. I ride around on a big motorcycle and I have some tattoos, some people make assumptions about me but I’m actually pretty normal.

#6 What is your favorite GamePoint event or show?

The Roads. Everytime you think you don’t have any Coins left; you’re getting extra Coins to play with.

#7 Can you share your favorite GamePoint memory with us?

I love the fact that on the May 4th, everyone (with a few exceptions) in the Dutch chat is silent for 2 minutes at exactly 8PM.

#8 What message would you like to give to your fellow players?

Some players need to stop with those horrific words. Treat anyone, the way you would like to be treated.

#9 Do you have any feedback for GamePoint?

Maybe you could do more about inappropriate words in the chat, some words are already replaced by stars, which is great, but there are still some words that I think shouldn’t be allowed.

#10 What player or employee should be interviewed in the future and why?

I nominate Elsodinot, a wonderful woman who also loves GamePoint!

Would you like a chance to be interviewed by us? Let one of our employees know in the chat or contact support.

We hope you enjoyed this content and look forward to seeing you at the next interview!

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Summer Giveaway!

Are you ready for summer? If not, we're here to help! On Friday, June 26th at 2PM ET we're hosting a spectacular giveaway. Hoping to win some extra Coins or to cool off with a BRAND-NEW fan? Make sure to be online in any room or game for a chance to win!

We hope to see you there!

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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Be a Bingo Superstar!

Are you a Superstar when it comes to Collections? Now's your chance to show it! On June 24th and 25th we're opening special automatic 750 Coin Rooms at 2PM ET for a GamePoint Bingo Superstar Party!

Join for a full day of playing for FIVE exclusive collections and prizes!

Can’t wait to see all our Bingo Superstars there!

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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Welcome to the Beach Resort

Summer's in the air at GamePoint Bingo and we are inviting you to follow us onto our very own Beach Resort! Start collecting Flowers and progress toward amazing rewards. At the end of every Bingo round you will receive some Flowers that help you on your way.

Naturally there are ways to get bigger amounts of Flowers, like playing in a higher stake Bingo room, joining a SuperBingo, or collecting your free Coins when your timer expires: just to name a few! There's even a chance that a Flower will float through your game; just pop it to collect it!

Play now to earn those lovely Flowers and get amazing rewards!

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